My research focuses on philosophy of mind, philosophy of cognitive science, emotion theory, and aesthetics.​ I mainly work on emotions, fiction, art and implicit attitudes, such as implicit racist and sexist prejudices and stereotypes.



(Invited) Fiction & Implicit bias. Routledge Companion to Fiction & Belief. (with Moors, A.).

(2022b) Biased Emotions: Implicit Bias, Emotion & Attributability. Review of Philosophy and Psychology. (published online) 

(2022a) Learning Implicit Biases from Fiction. Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism, 80  (2), 129-139.  (with Friend, S.)

(2021b) Better Scared Then Sorry: The Pragmatic Account of Emotional Representation. Erkenntnis.  (published online)

(2021a) 100 x Congo. A Century of Congolese Art in Antwerp: Exhibition Review. British Journal of Aesthetics, 61 (3), 387-389.

(2019b) An empirical investigation of guilty pleasuresPhilosophical Psychology, 32 (7), 1129-1155. (with Cova, F.)

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(2012) The poems are finding words for us, in Geert Grote Alliantie(ed.) Nederlandstalige master scripties van vijf jonge filosofen, Deventer: Deventer University Press, 67–129.


Some Papers In Progress


(1) A paper on recalcitrant emotions.


(2) Emotional experience is complex. (With Jerry Viera.)

(3) Emotion and implicit bias.

(4) Emotional content is complex.

(5) A new account of implicit bias. (With Agnes Moors.)

(6) Teleosemantics and implicit bias.

(7) Moral psychology and autism. (With Eliane Deschrijver.)